What is Governance Anyway?

I ended the last blog by announcing I would address the most fundamental issue in cities: Governance. On the 27th of February a first workshop will be held on the matter based on the TAIDA ( method. I am learning this during the course I am following in Stockholm to […]

Creative Bureaucracy Meetup Group

With the support of Charles Landry, author of ‘The Creative Bureaucracy’, we are starting up the Belgian chapter of the Creative Bureaucracy Movement. This movement has started in September 2018 with the organization of the Creative Bureaucracy Festival in Berlin ( ) and managed to attract about 1200 participants with a […]

Starting a New Year

The New Year starts with little traditions. During receptions we wish people well, sometimes even specifying in which fields. Others will formulate new years intentions, mostly forgetting to put them into practice soon after. Although a pity, as most intentions are mainly focus on our selves no real harm is […]

Quadruple Helix Stadmaken

Enkele maanden geleden schreef ik onderstaand artikel voor het tijdschrift Viewz ( over het proeftraject dat ik opzette in Gent samen met imec, Stad Gent, OCMW Gent, Digipolis en UGent. Met het zeer brede thema ‘vermaatschappelijking van de zorg’, was er het opzet om een methodiek uit te werken voor […]

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