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With the support of Charles Landry, author of ‘The Creative Bureaucracy’, we are starting up the Belgian chapter of the Creative Bureaucracy Movement. This movement has started in September 2018 with the organization of the Creative Bureaucracy Festival in Berlin ( ) and managed to attract about 1200 participants with a very interesting and broad programme related to the topics of creativity, government and innovators within civil service.

This year the next edition of the Festival is planned again in Berlin on 20-22 September 2019. Several initiatives in other countries have been taken to organise national events, also in preparation of the Festival: Lisbon and Bergen (Norway) in May, Amsterdam in June, Adelaide (Australia) in October. Copenhagen and other cities in Europe are also considering to start their local chapters.

The idea is to bring together people from local, regional and federal government including agencies and independent structures, academics, civil society representatives, corporates, entrepreneurs and general interested people that want to be part of the movement. The topic is broad and will include issues that are related to democracy, organizational management, public administration, behavioral science, digitization (gov tech, civic tech), … As long as the people are at the core of the discussion.

As a first step we would like to start organizing an event in Brussels, to set the stage and to formally start the movement. Charles has agreed to be present and deliver a keynote with his views on the subject based on 30 years of working with politicians, officials and civil servants in bureaucracies all over the world.

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