What is Governance Anyway?

I ended the last blog by announcing I would address the most fundamental issue in cities: Governance. On the 27th of February a first workshop will be held on the matter based on the TAIDA ( method. I am learning this during the course I am following in Stockholm to […]

Starting a New Year

The New Year starts with little traditions. During receptions we wish people well, sometimes even specifying in which fields. Others will formulate new years intentions, mostly forgetting to put them into practice soon after. Although a pity, as most intentions are mainly focus on our selves no real harm is […]


citiesofpeople vertrekt vanuit de visie dat onze maatschappij nood heeft aan een toekomstbeeld dat gemaakt wordt door en vertrekt vanuit de mens. Lokale gemeenschappen vormen de basis van de menselijke samenleving en de bestuursvorm die onze steden en gemeenschappen aannemen zijn bepalend voor de manier waarop we onze toekomst tegemoet […]

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