With the support of Charles Landry, author of ‘The Creative Bureaucracy’, we are starting up the Belgian chapter of the Creative Bureaucracy Movement. This movement has started in September 2018 with the organization of the Creative Bureaucracy Festival in Berlin ( https://en.creativebureaucracy.net/ ) and managed to attract about 1200 participants with aContinue Reading

This paper was written in preparation of the EURICUR (European Institute for Comparative Urban Research) kick-off seminar in Ghent, June 27 2016. I wrote this paper from the perspective of the city that I was working for at the time and some of the points might be dated after twoContinue Reading

Enkele maanden geleden schreef ik onderstaand artikel voor het tijdschrift Viewz (https://www.connect-to-viewz.be/tijdschrift) over het proeftraject dat ik opzette in Gent samen met imec, Stad Gent, OCMW Gent, Digipolis en UGent. Met het zeer brede thema ‘vermaatschappelijking van de zorg’, was er het opzet om een methodiek uit te werken voorContinue Reading


Our society needs a vision of a future that is made by and starts from people. Local communities are the foundation of human society and the way in which our cities and communities are governed determines how we envision and work towards a shared future.Continue Reading