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You cannot predict the future because it is not here yet, but you can imagine how it should be. If all do this, you have a world of dreamers, not bad! But if you want the world to change you must come up with one common view of how the world should be and work towards it together. If you do this, than truly anything is possible! This conviction is what drives Martine Delannoy each day and night.

Martine is a citizen of the world, born in Canada and having lived in several places in Europe and Canada. She studied at the University of Ottawa (Canada) graduating with a bachelor in social sciences with a concentration in economics and many courses in public management. A little bit before she moved to the city of Ghent in Belgium, where she completed her last course after first following extensive Dutch language training. She is fluent in Dutch, English and French.

Professionally, she has 20 years of experience in the ICT sector amongst which 13 years in the public sector. In her career she has especially taken up roles with a strategic focus through which her broad and systems thinking adds extra perspectives in order to increase understanding. Through the use of creativity and a constant search for smart ways of doing things she has also managed to initiate projects in difficult circumstances and with little funds.

She has expert knowledge of e-Inclusion, smart cities, public policy, government strategy, citizen participation and future studies.

As a hobby she also dabbles in visual art and is constantly reading up on interesting subjects.

Martine can help you through her wild ideas, insights, expertise and through the use of participative methods.

Let’s make the future together!

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