Starting a New Year

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The New Year starts with little traditions. During receptions we wish people well, sometimes even specifying in which fields. Others will formulate new years intentions, mostly forgetting to put them into practice soon after. Although a pity, as most intentions are mainly focus on our selves no real harm is done, it’s just another missed opportunity to better our selves.

Even though we are able to go on just focussing on what directly impacts us and what we can directly impact , is this the way to go? Is all well? Can we trust  that others will ensure the greater “common” good?

Systems have always been in place to do just that.. In good times the trust in these systems grows, giving them even more power. We than increasingly focus on egocentrical needs.

In other times (as a “bad time” is very relative) the systems will work to especially protect the system and the various aspects of it. The aspects encompass the rulers, their ideas, the current practices and the good name.  If anything has gone wrong a veil of secrecy will protect it, all that goes right will be communicated as broadly as possible. All this results in keeping the old and withholding all system threatening changes.

As this only keeps us from drastic change, I expect some of us might feel reassured.  Most do not fair well with too great of changes after all.

Our whole world is divided into functions, roles and systems each with a fixed set of tasks and expectations. Companies will try to make money, governments will make rules, citizens will use services and will be offered the chance to vote. ..

Personally, I believe, after years of experience within various systems that the current divisions and roles are keeping us from  realizing the true potential of the network of actors.

Let us start 2019 with the request of more openness so that we can unite knowledge of the current state, open a discussion on what needs to be changed and work together to ensure a futureproof state.

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